Our steaks are supplied by Master Butcher John Gilmour which is a third generation family business based in Edinburgh. At Silk & Grain we like our staff to meet our suppliers so it was easy to get Tamas & Malcolm from our kitchen to head up to Edinburgh to see what makes John Gilmour so good at what he does.

On Monday March 7th Tamas and Malcolm travelled to the Scottish Borders to see first-hand the level of dedication that goes into producing sustainable and small batch cattle.

After flying to Edinburgh on Sunday night, they were taken down the A68 to St Boswell's livestock market by John Gilmour, a master butcher with over 40 years' experience of buying cattle. Arriving an hour prior to the auction, they were shown the differences in breeds, ages and sex. The main contrast between the cattle was the comparison between beef bred cattle and dairy bred cattle.

After Billy Stott, the auctioneer began the auction, John purchased 16 cattle from the following farms; Bee Edge, Upper Nesbit, Wester Ulston and Seggarsdean. After a quick lunch, the team were taken to Upper Nesbit farm and shown around by 3rd generation farmer Robert Neil, who is leading the way in progressive and sustainable farming practices.

After finishing off at the farm, the team were taken for a butchery demonstration at John Gilmour Butcher's factory at Macmerry. They were shown how the caracases are broken down into their specific cuts and the huge differences between wet, bag aged beef and dry aged beef.

The day was a re-assuring experience for everyone and showed just how much effort the producers put into their respective passions.