Here at Silk & Grain we like to do things a little differently, and take a bit of extra time and care when it comes to our tasty beverages.
We've taken a selection of our fave classic cocktails, and had a little looksy at what happens if we give them some time in different ‘things’ such as oak barrels, metal, leather and glass. Cocktails, which have tasted the same for years such as a Negroni or a Hanky Panky have developed a new lease of life through the process by being combined with natural flavours of oak, vanilla, caramel and spice from charred oak aged barrels & leather infusions. The results include a rounded, smoother mouth feel with a long finish.  Even metal ageing and bottle conditioning has created cleaner, more mineral take on classic cocktails. After a good deal of mucking about with the sciencey bit, we had some undeniably delicious drinks that we reckon can give these age-old cocktails a run for their money. Not only that, but we figured out ways of using these aged blends in ways never thought possible. Call us bonkers, but these matured cocktails can be found in all our very own cocktail creations; a cocktail in a cocktail! For more about what goes into what and ends up how, please read on...




Putting bits ‘n’ pieces into barrels and watching it come out a fair bit tastier has been done for donkey’s years, but it wasn’t until more recently that cunning bartenders have revisited the idea of boshing their cocktails in barrels. Why? Well, not only do all the ingredients have a bit of time to make friends and play nice, but the results have a smoother and mellower note, a richer mouth-feel, a slight added sweetness and a lighter character. Beard-stroking stuff!







Ok, so putting your favourite cocktail in a glass bottle for a bit isn’t going to change the drink as much as if it were being soaked in and out of our oak barrels. But over an extended period of time, we noticed our Cosmo rounded off very nicely indeed, just like fine wine might do.


 metalglass20pcA good rest in a metal flask made our Martini distinctively different,adding length and giving it an edge. Served super cold,the result is subtle and unique.





Used even before barrels, leather pouches used to keep our Roman friend’s lips wet with wine. We’ve found a tanner who treats strips of leather naturally, which we infuse with Dalwhinnie 15 year old single malt Scotch. The result is pretty punchy stuff, and nothing like we’ve ever tasted. Used in small doses in many of our very own bevvies it gives a long leathery hint on the finish




 Innis & Gunn, the award winning beer from Scotland, inadvertently created itself when approached by a Scotch distillery to condition their barrels with beer so they could have a whiskey which had a hint of beer.They were about to throw the beer away, before they realised that beer with a hint of whisky was pretty bloody tasty too.We sell it on tap and use it in our Carney’s Brew..